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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We awoke early on Tuesday Morning at 7am to be told we were transferring buses because our bus was broken. We jumped on a new bus and passed out only to wake up a VERY short time later in TORONTO! We only had 20 minutes to get ready for the YO GABBA GABBA performance. We hurried and prepared ourselves for an awesome rendition of POOL PARTY.. it seems to really go over well with the kids. We did our best to sing through the pain for two shows and then went back and passed out on the bus... for a an hour or so..

WE then headed straight to THE MOD CLUB in TORONTO which was a really awesome club! It sounded great and looked great. We stormed the stage... when it was our turn..

The club pretty much went nutzo as did we! It was pandemonium in the funnest sense of the word. Kids going nuts, dancin', kids flying off the stage, bodies flying everywhere! It was really fun! Dj Lance Rock made a surprise appearance as a vocal coach roadie. Our friends from CREEPSHOW showed up and hung out. Also some friends form the YO GABBA Live family showed up to the Aquabats Dance Party! Stage Manager Tim Shaw was still unbreakable tonight... couldnt get him to laugh ...but he made us laugh when he body checked a few stage crashers off the stage... priceless! What a gem!

We love the MOD Club and cant wait to come back.!! Thanks to all the kids that came out and made it a SUPER FUN SHOW!!

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  1. Awesome show! Come back sooner than in 4 years this time! When the new album comes out? Hmmmm???