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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St. Louis!

Hey Kids! We have been so busy working on our new record since we got home that we almost forgot to write about our final stop on the tour...the gateway to the west...and hometown of DJ Lance Rock...ST LOUIS! So we arrived at the amazing FOX Theatre just an hour before showtime.

When we got a chance to wander around backstage we saw signatures and artwork from some of the amazing shows and bands that have passed through this historic Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera....Meat Loaf, Alice Cooper, and 38 Special!

After rocking the first Yo Gabba Gabba set, Ricky, Jimmy and Bones went and ate some great burgers across the street at "The Best Steak House". That was its real name, and it lived up to it! During the second performance, emotions ran high, as everone was sad this was our last show of the tour. DJ Lance Rock even expressed his love for St. Louis and some of the amazing talent it has produced (like Michael McDonald ). After rocking our final Yo Gabba Gabba performance that afternoon, Jimmy and Bones fell into a food coma backstage. Eventually we made our way over to the Firebird for our last club show with Mustard sad. We were cheered up when we saw the club was packed and the kids were going crazy. Three young fans did their first stage dives ever that night when we broke into spurts of old punk classics from Minor Threat and Black Flag.
The best part is we finally made Tim Shaw laugh. He made good on his promise and before we knew what was happening, he did a New York Hardcore style front flip stage dive into the crowd during the song "Pool Party". The crowd seemed to take this as a cue to go even crazier! Bodies were flying everywhere and before we knew it kids were all over the stage. We went straight into our final song "Awesome Forces" with what looked like a mini-riot happening onstage! Wow...Hardcore! What a great end to an amazing tour. Thanks St. Louis! (Read a review here )We said a long and sad farewell to our good friends in Mustard Plug and three short hours later were on a flight home.

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