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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Friday night we did something we never do... hopped on a bus with bunks and drove somewhere for a long time! We drove through the night sleeping and waking up in intervals only to arrive all but refreshed in Minneapolis the next morning. We pulled up to the TARGET center downtown where basketball team the Timberwolves and touring bands like U2 play. We thought we were at the wrong place 'til we realized we had caught up with the Yo GABBA GABBA tour... and we realized we were actually playing there... We put all of our stuff in the visiting teams locker rooms and then all took showers.. like a visiting basketball team...that finished the game 10 hours ago...

We then prepared to get sweaty again and rock the pre-school crowds with one song... as the guests of the Super Music Friends Show segment in the show. How strange and ironic we are playing an arena...FINALLY... as an opening act....for a pre-school show... we help create... TOTALLY AWESOME!! We had fun at the 2 shows and Slug from Atmosphere was there doing a Dancey Dance!

After the two show we rushed over back to the sketchy side of town...the side of town we are usually playing on tour! We went over to a club called the Triple Rock and when we got there a band called KOO KOO KANGAROO was out there giving the crowd some silly fun with their brand of Kiddie Show Hip Hop Fun. Imagine Bad Credit meets Yo Gabba Gabba... somehow it really worked. They even put a parachute over the crowd and then filled it with air.. somehow...

We knew we had to turn up the juice... we were fresh out of parachutes... but when we hit the stage the crowd at the triple rock really went off!! It was a classic show-the kind where the energy from the crowd really feeds the band's energy and everyone wins... Unfortunately Cobra Man and The Tortilla came out to destroy the show and threw a little wrench in the works but we quickly dispatched them with extreme prejudice!!!

It was a hardcore show ... a hardcore nerdcore show!! Band and crowd united in Nerdness crashing together and sweating on each other... IT WAS AWESOME!! We loved the show! and were really spent after... we all crashed sweaty and gross in the bus...
and then... BIZ MARKIE showed up at 3am.. I guess we are sharing a bus with the BIZ!! BOO YA!

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