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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Late last night we pulled into a parking lot down the street from the venue for the Yo Gabba live show. Yo Gabba Gabba was going on at the ARONOFF theatre in downtown Cincinnati. We all slept but the MCBC had to get up at 6am to do an interview on a local news station about the Yo Gabba shows and the fact that he was a creator of the show. He stumbled back into the bus at 9am and crashed until it was time to get up for the first show. The first show was at 2pm and went off as usual but there were a few technical problems.. DJ LANCE's mic wasn't working at first and Crash's mic somehow wound up in his hands while he was trying to play the bass! Weird!

After the first show it was great to meet some fans of the Aquabats and the YGG thing! Ricky went off to find some drum sticks at guitar center and Eagle Bones and Jimmy the Robot went to a museum downtown that had some 'art' in it. Some guy who does photo shop treatments of other peoples' photos and art...some guy named Sheppard Fairy. He is starting some kind of revolution or something.

ANYWAY!! We got back to the Aronoff center for the second show and did our thing.. then the tour manager for YGG, Mike pulled us into the hall and said, "keep those costumes on boys, I want you to meet someone." He took us to a little room and there before our eyes in all of his funkadelic majesty was the rock and roll hall of fame legend...

I guess Bootsy had asked to come down and check out the show because his grandson was a fan and then Tour Manager Mike asked him if he would do the Dancey Dance segment in the live show!! WOW!! Maybe some of you don't understand how AMAZING Bootsy Collins is but check out his Wikipedia page.. it will blow you away. This man played bass and came up with Bass lines for James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic and so much more! The man is a living legend. DJ LANCE ROCK came in and was blown away. I guess DJ LANCE's first concert was going to see Bootsy's Rubber Band as a boy and being blown away. DJ LANCE is a huge fan and it's safe to say without BOOTSY there would be no DJ LANCE ROCK! We all took pics together and slapped high fives.. BOOTSY was so kind and gracious to a bunch of music nerds geeking out all over him!
THe BIZ showed up for some pics too! DJ LANCE, BIZ MARKIE, BOOTSY COLLINS and DJ COOL V.. and the Aquabats.. ?? NOW THAT"S FUNKY! It was an amazing moment in the history of music! HA!

Anyway, BOOTSY came out and taught the kids how to do the peanut butter stomp! The best part was when he said to the kids, "NOW! Squish it baayybee!" It was amazing!

We met some Aquabat fans at the show too! Some friends that had come without kids and some with! We chatted and told them we would see them later on that night at the MAD HATTER club across the river in KENTUCKY!!

Later we drove over to the Mad Hatter club not too far away.. but technically in Kentucky. We met up with MUSTARD PLUG and we had a show!! We also had a contest where if you made a shirt with stage manager Tim Shaw on it you could get into the show for free! One of the girls that was at the Yo Gabba show earlier in the day had a home made "DEMOLITION ...TIM SHAW" Shirt on!

She won! And got into the show for free! Now, Tim didnt know we were doing this until we pulled the girl up on stage and announced her as the winner! HA! THIS IS TIM'S REACTION!!

HA! it was really funny!! ..mmm I guess you had to be there.

ANYWAY!!! The show was a sweaty, loud, raucous, crazy good time! We all had a fun time singing stupid songs and being sweaty nerds! The kids were great! We can't wait to come back...even if the club smelled like pee!

GOOD NIGHT!! Tomorrow St. LOUIS!!

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