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Monday, March 15, 2010


We woke up at the border... early in the morning as dogs and police raided our bus for drugs... they didnt find anything except a chocolate covered waffle in Chris Partida's bunk. We narrowly made it through. Actually, it was quite uneventful and I could tell the border guards were hoping for something more exciting then a bunch of squeaky clean super nerds. The lady behind the desk had never heard of the Aquabats but.. really perked up when our bus driver ."HURRICANE" mentioned YO GABBA GABBA! I guess we better get used to it.

A couple hours later, we were at the Club.. 'Call the Office'... In London.. Canada.. we haven't played here since.. 1998!! Twelve years ago.. crazy.. we all felt twelve years younger... for the first twelve minutes of the show...

We went on stage at 10:45 pm and we were all pretty tired.. of sitting around waiting all day so we had a lot of energy first...

The show was really fun.. the crowd was great.. We threw Red Sweater into the set and dedicated it to a girl who was wearing a Red Sweater with a home made alligator... and we also played an all time classic "Since you been gone" by Kelly Clarkson....'s songwriters. It was really fun and still very cold for a band that just returned from summer in Australia. It was really hard to make Tim Shaw, our crew chief, laugh though.. we have a bet that if we catch him laughing during the set he has to come on stage and dance .. and then stage dive.. He was a pretty tough nut to crack tonight. We'll see tomorrow in TORONTO!!

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