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Thursday, March 18, 2010


After enduring a night of riots and revelry, we awoke on the curbside of the legendary club ... ST. ANDREWS! Seeing how last night was ST. PATRICK'S, we knew there may be a spiritual connection to tonight's show. It also made sense that our bus didnt get burned down during the night.. the Saints were hard at work protecting us from harm!

The day was rather uneventful other than dodging pan handlers and ducking from sketchy dudes. Jimmy the Robot has been reading the Walking Dead comic books (by Robert Kirkman) and felt like Detroit would be a great place to film the movie adaptation of the comic series. The MCBC went on a search for SUBWAY because he is on the Jared diet now... "whatever it takes"

As sound check finished and show time grew near.. we knew something special was going to happen...then as we all looked out the window we saw two parking attendants across the street start fighting with each other!! It was awesome! They were using the little orange parking flags to beat each other silly... We figured they had both been scheduled on the same day to work even though only one was supposed to be there.... there was blood.. over a parking job.. Hey at least they loved their jobs enough to fight for it!

The club explained there would be no 'hospitality' tonight because ticket sales were low... so we got no water and free chips... we couldn't understand it.. MUSTARD PLUG and THE AQUABATS in DETROIT... it seemed like there would be some thing special to that...but... as we prepared for the worst...

Then suddenly ... kids started to line up .. the line went around the block!! Hallelujah!! The Luck of the Irish held strong!! Hooray! the club swiftly filled up!! WOW! It was great!

Also! Miraculously! Some guy with an acoustic guitar was singing songs of praise and joy to the kids in line! It was so cute! I wanted to cuddle him and give him marshmellow peeps! He was so cute out there on the sidewalk singing ska anthems of positive joy!! Too bad he wasn't on the bill. He seemed like such a nice guy though, I'm sure he will make friends and get lots of shows in the future! Good luck buddy! Whoever you are!

At any rate! MUSTARD PLUG was awesome as always! They even do a cover of FUGAZI's classic WAITING ROOM! We really love playing shows with those guys.. they are super cool and really good guys.

THE SHOW WAS GREAT! The Detroit/Michigan fans were super great! Dancing, Singing along, Stage diving.. and pretty much going nuts.. They were even forgiving of a less than 100% MCBC who's voice was at the edge of disaster. The time sprinkler was even there and we destroyed him quickly!

The fans were great! And we even got to help some little fans do some stage dives...whoops!

After the show, we were able to meet a bunch of new fans and friends... give hugs and really had a 'spiritual' moment hangning with everyone. We even hung out with our old friends Rebekah and family! What a fun night! Things were so awesome.. St' Andrews even bought us two large pies from PIZZA PAPALIS! The best pizza ever (in Detroit)!! It was such a great night we were blessed for coming to Detroit! Bless you, Michigan, bless you.

There was a dance party on the bus to celebrate our blessings!


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