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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Toronto! - St. Patrick's Day!

The next morning we awoke to the sounds of Canadian Leprechauns singing hymns and praising the shamrock shake. Yes, kids, it was St. Patricks Day in Toronto... ok well.. I guess it was St. Patrick's Day all over the world...

We hustled to get ready for a big day full of song and dance and green. We played the first Yo Gabba show with unusual flair. Nothing seemed to go wrong.. and the bass rig.. seemed to be working consistently ... Yes... the saints preserved us on this the lucky day for the irish. We walked around Toronto after the first show and realized that it was also SPRING BREAK!! What a great idea. To combine St Patrick's Day and SPRING BREAK!! There was going to be a lot of vomit to clean up after this day. Eagle Bones and the MCBC walked around the mall downtown close to the ELGIN theatre but the MCBC kept getting strange looks from people for his 'unique' mustache... He was crushed .. he could have sworn that Canada was way more open minded...

Anyway, after lunch we once again took the stage to the sell out crowd at the ELGIN for the second Yo Gabba Gabba show of the day! It was amazing.. the Yo Gabba Gabba live show is pretty incredible....just saying. Y'all should sneak in and check it out.

After the shows.. we didn't have a club show .. so we knew ... it was time to PARTY.. SPRING BREAK!!! ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!! TORONTO!!! This was shaping up to be the mother of all party nights.. we even ordered a cake.... and then.. the roof caved in..
Our bus driver .. 'Hurricane" decided... we needed to leave early for Detroit.... WHAT?!?!
We left Toronto a 6pm!!! THE SUN HADNT EVEN SET!!! WHAT ?!!? WHY?!?!
We went through the border and were boarded by some customs officials who thought we were one of those bands that have contraband.. WRONG!!
We did have a half drunk Shamrock Shake from McDonalds.. but.. that doesn't really count...

We got through the border and headed into downtown DETROIT... it was 9pm... or 10 ish...
Most of the group was determined to celebrate the holidays but .. unfortunately we lost SPRING BREAK as we crossed the border....

Anyway, as most of the guys left to 'explore' the concrete jungles of Detroit... Stage Manager TIM and the MCBC hung back to chill out... WHEN.... not even 30 seconds later.. someone tried to jimmy his way onto the bus... to presumably .. jack stuff.... WOW!! WE WERE BACK IN DETROIT!!

It finally hit us.. we wouldn't want to be anywhere else than in the city of broken glass... ..DETROIT BABY!!

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