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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Mayday! Mayday! Its Saturday and its the first of May. This officially makes it MAYDAY! What is Mayday? Why do we Celebrate it? I am going to do some research!!.....


At any rate, we woke up this morning and got all ready to go to the big show! Bamboozle! WOO HOO! This is going to be the best rock show in the parking lot of a major sports venue we've played in YEARS! We hailed a cab and all six of us (remember Chainsaw is hanging with the bros) piled into a van. We told the driver to take us all the way! yo BAMBOOZLE! WHAT! WHAT! Anyway, he told us he couldn't take us all the way in .... as soon as he noticed the traffic lined up to get into the venue. It was a little suspicious but we swallowed our pride as he dropped us off about a mile and half away from the artist's entrance... It was good because we all got a chance to acclimate to the warmer New Jersey weather .. and we were all sweating by the time we finally made it to the artist entrance.. so that was cool. Luckily Tour Manager Nate showed up to the entrance driving a family sized golf cart and was able to shuttle us into our... patch of asphalt that had been reserved for us just next to Paramore's luxury pop up tent. But it was pretty rad we were slotted to play the main stage! .. At a major festival?? the Main stage? the Aquabats? Must've been a mistake.. but we'll take it what ever it was. There were no dressing rooms due to the fact that they used to use the locker rooms at Giants stadium but .. they are tearing it down and it is all condemned etc.. So we got everything ready right there in the midst of backstage rock and roll ....'awesomeness' Chris P and Evan were in full effect getting stuff right and Brian and Neil from KOO KOO Kangaroo came to help too.. Our buddy Tragedy Jake was there too, he drove his motorcycle there and then it dawned on us.. the MCBC should ride Jake's motorcycle on stage!?!? YES! Great idea.. he could drive onto the stage and then rev the engine.. kick down the kickstand and then do a backflip off the bike seat! PERFECT! It was all set... until the greasy dudes backstage told us .. 'THAT AINT GONNA HAPPEN BUDDY!" Oh well.. So we found a sombrero full of candy backstage and threw it into the crowd.. which was probably.. just as good...

...I guess.

3pm- We came out on fire and the heat from our rock jets turned blue after a few scorching numbers!! It was also pretty hot, as the main stage at mid day was facing directly into the burning sun. It was pure joy.. sunshine and gold! Anyway, the set wasn't too bad. WE love the East Coast kids 'cuz they keep it real! Fo Real! The MCBC even grew a real moustache!! Fo REELZ! We had a great time. Eagle Bones showed up we had two amazing guitar warriors on hand to shred the invaders with rock-someness. We even played Suburban Home from the Descendents and noticed that only 10 kids new the song.. 10 out of like 5000 kids in front of the main stage. Weird. I guess its weird old dude music now.

After we played we got to say hi to some friends and even catch some of Hanson's set.. They didn't play MMM Bop.. so we were ....MMM bummed. We also got to catch some 'new school' bands and .. let me tell you.. yeah. Against Me played a pretty rad set but Bullet for My Valentine played and had a wall of 24 guitar speaker cabinets.. four speakers to a cabinet.. so 7000 speakers total ..... and that was the most entertaining thing about their set... Doing math on their stage. Then this hardcore band played and like all these angry tough looking sad clown people started flailing and freaking out in the pit.. it looked like they were fighting,,, but they weren't .. Evan told us they were 'dancin'. I have seen 'dancin' before but these guys were.. freaking me out.. large adult dudes.. flailing their arms like they were on fire at defenseless humans trying to get out of their way...It makes you think that DEVO-lution.. must be real after all.. Then even weirder we watched a few songs from Angels and Airwaves... until the singer guy said they were the 'best kept secret' (on a major label) of the festival and that "they wrote this next song to change the world" and then i think they played a U2 song... it was strange days indeed... we ran for van!

We escaped just in time.. Chainsaw and Ricky Fitness didn't make it over the fence and were forced to hang out with KOO KOO KANGROO. They were super stoked to see the FAR EAST MOVEMENT because they rocked... Ricky even caught a tee shirt... well.. ripped one away from several screaming teenage girls.....

...and then finally... they too escaped the clutches of the Bamboozle.

After a full day of hot sun and crunchy new school cookie monster hard core we were pooped. So, we all regrouped and caught a cab into Manhattan for a night of celelbration! A bunch of us went out to Anthony Bourdain's restaurant LES HALLES on Park Ave. We all sampled each others French food in American Portion sizes. We all enjoyed being alive! HOORAY FOR FOIE GRAS!! It was awesome. A toast to the East Coast. GOOD NIGHT NOW!

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