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Friday, April 30, 2010


We got up to what felt like an early van call of 8:30am.. ..and of course most of us sat in the van and waited while for a couple of routine laggers who shall go unnamed...

We wanted to get out on the road early because we had a day off... (due to the BAMBOOZLE rule that we couldnt book another show within 10 days of the 'Bamboozle").

We drove and listened to 'Plastic Beach' for a while and then switched the MCBC's ipod to shuffle.. what a weirdo.. vintage children's music, prog rock, classical, western soundtrack music, punk, iraqi pop music and 70's electro dance... this man has some weird music up in his pod.

After sitting in traffic on the George Washington bridge for what seemed like HOURS! We finally made our way to the hotel in beautiful SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY! Just across the river from Manhattan.. we checked in and scattered into the city..of .. apples or something like that! Most of us went and had lunch with our old pal Mike. Then we went and met up with our old pal Jake Szufnarowski! Jake is the man about town and whenever we are in NYC he takes us around and shows us a good time.

He got us all tickets to the Yankee game so we all went down to the BRONX and watched the Yankees destroy the White Sox together! it was pretty awesome. The new stadium is cool! The Yankess scored a bunch of touchdowns and won.. or something..! Go NEW YORK! We felt like... super cool .. after that. We took a train back to times square and said our good byes to Jake, even though we knew we would see him tomorrow and the BAMBOOZLE! Anyway, we then headed over to John's Pizzeria to eat and watch the LAKERS! The Lakers hit a bunch of home runs at the last second or something and won the championship of the universe! SPORTS IS COOLEST!

Back to Penn station and back to Secaucus for sleep .. tomorrow BAMBOOZLE!

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