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Thursday, April 29, 2010


We gathered our forces together last night at about 7:30pm. We all met at the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California and like the Duke himself prepared ourselves for an arduous journey across an unknown frontier! As we got on a plane, we realized that once the plane took off.. there was no getting off... the easy way...this was going to be.. gnarly. The flight left at 9:30 pm PST and landed in Newark, New Jersey at 4:45am EST. We sleepily stumbled off the plane to make our way to the next gate to catch our plane to Providence, Rhode Island. Once we had located our gate, we realized the plane had been delayed and wasn't leaving until we had three and a half hours to ...bleed out of our eyes! We waited.. and when we finally got on the little plane, we were all to tired to breathe... many of us, fell in and out of consciousness as the prop plane began to sputter and whirrr into take off.

We finally landed in Providence, RI at about 9:20am EST and collected our things, eagerly awaiting the taxi ride to a nearby hotel and... a bed.

We checked into the fancy but amazingly inexpensive ($85 bucks a night!) Biltmore hotel in downtown Providence, a landmark hotel in the city. We were impressed immediately by the classy historical vibe but once we got into the rooms.... WOW .. WE have all stayed in Hotels all over the world but this hotel is a front runner for most comfy beds ... in the WORLD! It could have been a combination of not sleeping all night and the loss of blood (out of our eyes) but I am pretty sure none of us have slept in a more comfortable hotel room bed.. ever... OH BOY! I cant wait to go back.. and SLEEP!

We got up after a few hours of straight sleep trippin' and headed over to the club just a few blocks away. We met up with Chris P. and Evan S. our crew chiefs who had left Orange County, CA on Monday to drive all of our gear.. and the van.... across the entire USA in a few days.... I guess on long night of flying isnt as bad as we thought.. those dudes looked HAMMERED!

LUPOS is the name of this old school theatre/club in the heart of the city. It's a pretty cool old theatre and seems pretty historical in its own right. We did sound check and realized ..maybe the sound system was pretty old too... Love the club, love the staff .. the speakers.. need to be replaced.. NO matter.. we knew what had to be done.. speakers or no speakers.. we needed to rock!

Local act LEMON came out and danced the night away to the SKA and rock music that made kids dance in the mid 90's ..somewhere in time. they were all pretty young dudes but knew how to play really well and look like they were .. most importantly .. having fun. Speaking of having fun.. next up.. from Minneapolis... was a two man tour de force.. called ... KOO KOO KANGAROO.
It is hard to explain these dudes and what they do .. but .. here is a you tube video to see what they are like..

We first met this ..uh.. dynamic duo on tour last time and we asked them to come out and play some more shows with us! Some people might be scared of this .. but... WE LOVE IT! HA! It's so ... dorky! It's perfect! The crowd seemed to love it too! Good job, you dudes!

Then the ACTION DESIGN played some great songs and got the crowd nice and foamy. the ACTION DESIGN are a great band and good friends too.

Next up.. THE AQUABATS! We played some old songs and some new song and some songs we didnt write... !! It was going great until we got attacked by these crab like sentai dudes.. it was lame .. until we beat them up!! HOORAY FOR PEACE...THROUGH VIOLENCE!

It was a fun show! Muffled sound..but a fun show.. Eagle Bones was missing in action.. but we brought out the CHAINSAW to do some heavy cutting. I think Eagle Bones will be back soon though... but the CHAINSAW came through and cut down some...songs...?

We saw our friends Kimmy and friends from Boston who made the trek! Kimmy's pal Amber was dressed up like the hamburgler! With a magic marker mask! Wow!

We had to load out or equipment fast because... as it happens quite often... the club was booked for a 'DANCE club" to begin at 11pm... It looked like the Jersey shore bus unloaded a bunch of spray tan, hair spray muscle people into the club at the precise time of 11pm. We fled!

Back to the Hotel and to the greatest bed ever.. good night now!

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  1. It was a great show, Bats! Hope you return to Providence and your comfy beds soon.