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Monday, May 3, 2010


We pulled into the parking lot of Ocean Front Hotel right on the.... Ocean front of Virginia Beach.

We all crashed in our beds and woke up to the soothing sounds of waves gently crashing on the soft sands of the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was really nice and we still still had a few hours before our show at the club here in VB. Ricky and the MCBC actually went jogging! Nate and Jimmy went to eat fresh fish at an amazing sea food restaurant. Eagle Bones and Chainsaw caught up on work. Bones with his school work and Chainsaw with his carpentry business. Crash went to the local YMCA to play basketball with the locals and Evan and Chris explored the local eateries with much gusto. Before we went to load in our equipment at 2-ish.. some of us decided to go cool off in the ocean.... it was freezing cold so that didnt last very long.

We loaded in our stuff after 2:30pm at the club called THE JEWISH MOTHER right in the heart of Virginia Beach. This legendary club has been doing all kinds of shows for years and years and is quite the hot spot in Virginia. Our first impression was that it was a tiny club with a tiny stage but as we got to know the people at the club and the cool sound guy named Peter, we were assured that it was going to be a fun show.

Soundcheck lasted about an hour and after sound check we were given a menu to THE JEWISH MOTHER's delicious looking kitchen treats. We were all super stoked on the food. It was awesome! Highly recommend going there if you get a chance or are ever in Virginia Beach. The food was all fresh and really tasty. From amazing soft shell crab to the burgers to the GIANT DAD'S DAGWOOD sandwich that has 5 pounds of meat AND 3 pounds of cheese. If you can eat it in an hour, you get it for free and your picture on the wall. Only three people have done it in the history of the place. Sounds like a MAN vs. FOOD episode challenge. At any rate, we were really stoked on the food, staff and overall radness of the JEWISH MOTHER, VB YO!

At 8:30 KOO KOO KANGAROO hit the stage and immediately got everyone out on the dance floor to do the most ridiculous dance moves ever invented. It seemed like everyone was ready to have a great time and by the end of the set, people were laughing and dancing along ready for a fun night.

THE ACTION DESIGN came on stage and played awesome. It was great to see the contagious fun energy really transfer back and forth between the stage and the crowd to get everyone up dancing and having fun. The Action Design really killed it!

We were next and before we set up the MCBC realized he had left his ipod and the intro music in his hotel room. The club was too small to do the video screens etc. so the MCBC took off on a jog to the hotel that was 5 blocks away! He made it back just in time, the other bats were done getting ready and everything! Playing a show at a smaller club is always fun. The crowd and the band and right there in each others face and everyone is going crazy. And tonight was no exception, it was pandemonium from the first song! It was a fun... albeit sloppy set from the band of hungry heroes. Old classics like CD repo man and Tarantula.. a cover of DEVO's Snowball and the Descendents' Suburban HOME as well as a bunch off songs of CHARGE. It was a wild punk rock dancin' night. We brought a young newbie fan up on stage to dance with MR. LOBSTER... A local lobster pulled out of the sea to dance and sing the all time classic LOBSTER BUCKET! It seemed to be a hit.. at least with MR. LOBSTER.. I guess the young fan was allergic to shellfish.. whoops.. How could we know?

Anyway the show ended and we got to hang with some great fans .. old school and new school. It seems a lot of VA friends had been waiting 10 years for us to return! WOW! I cant believe it had been 10 years since we'd played there. You wouldn't even have know it was a Monday night either, there were so many kids there! It was awesome!

Most of us walked back to the hotel, rather than helping Nate, Evan and Chris load the van... sorry dudes.. we are lame...
Some guys went out for some late night dinner and dancin.. but most went back to shower up and snooze.


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  1. Amazing AMAZING show. I was in the dead center of the stage most of the show. Such a great experience. The cover of Suburban Home kicked ass. Best show I've seen in the past 2 years hands down. Had a great time, hope to see you all again within the next 10 years.