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Monday, May 10, 2010


Ok.. so most of us spent Mother's day at DisneyWorld in Orlando.. thanks to some great old friends and fans of the band. Some of us felt too guilty and went back to the hotel to cry. It seems that back at the hotel.. Ricky's toilet overflowed and flooded the whole 2nd floor... everything was trashed! Whoops. Anyway, Monday morning was an early morning as cleaning crews and vacuums woke everyone up. Its seems they had to pretty much rip out most of the second floor carpet thanks to Ricky's toilet.. oh well!

Crash, uncharacteristically, spent a lot of time and energy finding a basketball and a basketball court to play the big showdown against the KOO KOO KANGAROO posse. A court was found and we met the KOO KOO posse a few miles away at the big show down. They got to pick the team and chose Nate, Crash and the MCBC vs. NEIL, BRIAN and DJ GABE. Apparently, they didnt think the MCBC was very athletic ...mmm.. welll they may be pretty right... but the Aquabats team spanked the Kangaroos pretty bad! Sorry dudes... It was a nice try.

However, most of us enjoyed a friendly lunch at good 'ole waffle house afterwards

Anyway, they lost so they had to load in all of our equipment .... in and out.. of the club tonight.. ha!

Downtown Orlando's the Social club is pretty legendary and we've been playing there for a long time. .. First time back in 1997... wow! At any rate... long story short.. the show was great.. it was really tight.. and intimate.. lots of fun!!

Guys from Koo Koo Kanga Roo dressed up in these crazy-awesome bodysuits and crashed The Action Design's great set, whoa yeah!

EC Sinclair even joined us on stage for Hello Goodnight!

We met some new friends and said goodbye to old ones.... much thanks to the ACTION DESIGN and KOO KOO KANGAROO for a great tour..

They showed up for the last song in swim gear and the crowd rushed the stage.. it was chaos..but fun chaos!.

We left the Social at 1am on a sold out Monday night?!

Our airport shuttle came at 4am...


Chris P. and E.C. Sinclair headed off in the van for the Californias.. and we say farewell ...for now..


  1. I was at this show. It was awesome!!! I just wanted to thank you Chris for posting these tour blogs. I have enjoyed reading them very much.

  2. Come back to Northern Cali! I finally moved out of my mom's house so I can go to a show now!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!