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Wednesday, May 5, 2010



We were up early ...7:30 am... no one wanted to drive.. everyone wanted to sleep for a long time... in a bed.... but we all piled into the van and Nate took the wheel. He was not afraid to drive .. that is for sure.. We drove and slept and drove and slept ..nodding off and on taking turns waking Nate up while he was sleeping an driving behind the wheel.

After a dreamlike few hours.. we awoke to what we all thought was a mirage..... a DEL TACO.!!! Smack dab in the middle of South Carolina... We gassed up the van and everyone went and got their DEL TACO on... MMMM Yummy..

Back on the road to ATLANTA... the car began to smell funny... but no one knew were rolled down and t-shirts were worn as stink masks.... I guess maybe someone had too much red sauce on their MACHO COMBO!

We got a little bit lost on the way to the club... Eagle Bones suggested someone use their GPS on their iPhone.... WOW! Why didn't anyone think of that before!?

When we finally pulled into the sketchy, craggy parking lot of the MASQUERADE club, we noticed there were some unfamiliar band types unloading their gear there already. The Masquerade is actually an old cotton gin that has been converted into a rock club.. There are three rooms...a smaller dungeon room downstairs, a medium room over behind the club and the bigger room upstairs. I guess there was a metal rock festival going on upstairs... with BLEEDING THROUGH, BORN OF OSIRIS, SLEEPING GIANT etc. There were lots of tattoos, camouflage cargo shorts and large hoop earrings loading equipment upstairs as we were told we would be playing in the Dungeon... downstairs.

We all noticed a dead rat by the door to the downstairs and knew we were in the right place. We loaded in, set up and did sound check in a pretty short time... and then most of us had to get out of the dungeon! We went up the street and checked into the Highland Inn on Highland street.. If you are ever in Atlanta.. it's a great place to stay! There are so many cool places to eat and visit around the Highland Inn. Chainsaw, Ricky, Crash and the MCBC went to eat next door to the Inn at a place called CASA DEL SOL... since it was CINCO DE MAYO.... of course.. The Food was awesome and organically grown so we didn't feel bad about the ozone layer...this time. We walked the the street and passed the Atlanta cupcake factory... mmmmm... and to the corner of NORTH and HIGHLAND where there was a man selling homemade popsicles!! He had all kinds of unusual flavors and combos like Banana Cinnamon, Mango Habanero, Green Apple Lemonade, Grapefruit Ginger and Strawberry Margarita.. We all got delicious all natural popsicles from this dude sitting on the corner! HA! It was awesome! We thought about doing some laundry but.... we wouldn't have enough time before the show so we decided to wait until tomorrow.. Our friends Matt and MIke Chapman came down to visit and show us around.. Matt and MIke are pretty rad dudes.. they created and made HOMESTAR RUNNER for years and years and are real swell pals. They took us over to a place called Manuel's Bar and Grill ... right across the street from the Popsicle man.

They treated us to a Georgia staple... boiled peanuts...?!? I guess they throw a bunch of peanuts in a pot and throw in a bunch of salt and boil them up.. They were actually really good! We discussed their history in the ATL and some possible upcoming projects etc. We had to bail out to the club, so we said our goodbyes to the Brothers Chaps and that we'd meet them later at the club.

We got back to the Dungeon of the Masquerade .. and local band 5050 SHOT were playing. They played some pure skank it up new school ska complete with checkerboard sombreros and everything! CINCO DE SKAYO!..........

Next! KOO KOO KANGAROO did their things .. that they do.

ACTION DESIGN then demolished the stage..

It was a little annoying that the sound from the Heavy Metal upstairs apocalypse was .....bleeding through.. (no pun intended.. just a coincidence) but you just had to try to block it out. Back in the dressing room.. which smelled like moldy dressing.. maybe that's why it was designated the 'Dressing Room' ... maybe that is where Ranch Dressing went to die... who knows? At any rate, back in the dressing room we all got ready for another battle of wits and wills... as we heard the intro music we all locked hands and did a cheer.. .. well .. we yelled something... or other..

We hit the stage and pulled out all the stops! it was AMAZING.. !! .. .. maybe. About four songs in we noticed ATLANTA'S own superhero Sentai wrestler... yes.. the legendary .. DANGER WOMAN!!! WE pulled her up on stage and performed her theme song... called... DANGER WOMAN!!

She did some great moves and dances while we played the song and then after the song.. she told the crowd she had a new song of her own... She began to sing and .. we .. just started playing along.. I think any one that was there could witness to the magic that happened.. it was truly Magical! After the Danger Woman warned us her Danger sense was going off and that we should be careful... she felt that forces of evil were coming for the Aquabats.. We all thought maybe she was just feeling the music coming in from above our heads.. Music that sounded like someone was cutting down trees with chainsaws and wood chippers while cookie monster yelled at the guy from reservoir dogs who was screaming back because his ear got cut off... I sensed danger too.

We bid our farewell to Danger Woman and played PIZZA DAY. We were shortly there after attacked by the Time Sprinkler .. and the Time Sprinkler from the future.. they tried to erase time with a magic sword and heralding trumpet.. but we battled them back to the best of our ability.. it was almost awesome.

We played some more songs.. Jimmy the Robot hung in there with a duct taped saxophone ... and we made it to the end of the set. We helped some youngsters experience their first stage dives during pool party and we got to throw out the child of a former band member.. Brian Croxall. Brian used to play trombone for the Aquabats in the EARLY days.. He was there with his wife and two kids... One of which.. little Chaz .. got the royal treatment and was flung into the crowd by the MCBC! We hope he made it safely back home! We said our farewells and left the stage. We hung with The BROTHERS CHAPS a little after the show.. One of Ricky's old friends from Junior High came back to hang out. and we met some great kids and fans. A group of kids made some pretty cool homemade aquabats shirts! Good one guys!
We packed it all up and got in the van..

As we left ... the promoter told us .. that even though there was SEVEN METAL BANDS playing up stairs tonight at the Masquerade .. we still sold more tickets for the dungeon downstairs.. WE BEAT THEM BY TEN TICKETS!! HAHAHA!! It just goes to show you .. ..... .......something... happens .. .when you... do something....!!!

Check out this lil guy!



  1. You guys were awesome. Me and two buddies drove all the way from Arkansas to see you, me for the first time, and it was completely worth it. We were on the edge of the crowd to your right just rocking out the entire time.

    PS, you guys should totally come out towards Arkansas sometime and/or team up with the Protomen to fight the forces of evil!

  2. Homies, that was the best show I've ever been too! I think that you made our shirts better by writing on them.

    I'm gonna make a tiny Chainsaw to iron on the sleeve, to make up for lost time.

  3. Yes, I agree the writing and drawings made the shirts Super Rad! Best Show Ever!

  4. Also agreed with the above two! Funny how us three homies found your rad site today!

    We need to get the fourth guy on here so he can thank you for the hardcore MCBC on the back of his shirt!

  5. Thanks for finally coming back to Atlanta. This was quite possibly one of the best shows I've ever been to. Playing a descendants song made it even better.