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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Up ...not so early today. We slept in til about 9am or so and got on the road to ST. PETERSBURG.. It's a beautiful drive that takes you out over the water and over a giant bridge that looks like this..

We got to the State theatre and loaded our stuff in very swiftly. We noticed some renovations and what looked like some new sound equipment. We did sound check and noticed that the sound was really great.. the best we'd heard at the State Theatre, ever! We were excited to play the show! Things are always better when you can hear everything. After sound check we said 'Hi' to the guys from the opening band Victims of Circumstance... They were all real nice dudes and I guess they were all members of the AquaCadet Faction! YEAH DUDES! We noticed that out in the street in front of the State theatre that the city was setting up for some kind of street fair kind of thing. It seems that the neighborhood was also more lively than we'd ever seen it. There were new shops and art galleries all up and down the street. The MCBC went into a store called the MERCH store or something like that... he was just about ready to buy a Bad Brains shirt .... when he over heard the shop keepers talking about the show at the State that night. "You Couldnt pay me to watch that band .. they are terrible... i hate them", was the conversation overheard by the Bat Commander... ha! Awesome! Needless to say, no money was spent in that store.. 'You couldnt pay me to buy anything there.." Haha

Most of the dudes went out to a fancy Italian restaurant while the MCBC and Ricky Fitness bought Sushi from a street vendor at the street fair... OISHII!

After Eagle Bones and MCBC talked with their friend Rob for a while, everyone ended up at the Italian grill to watch the Lakers/Jazz game. We had to get back to the venue before the end of the game, but it wasnt looking good for the LAKERS!?!
We got ready and noticed the crowd was pretty pumped up. What ever the Action Design, KOO KOO kangaroo and V.O.C did.. the crowd was foaming at the mouth.. it was excting!

THE SHOW - was really good.. probably one of the best shows we've played in a long time... well at least since the night before! HA!! The sound was great.. the kids were great.. we ended up playing songs we weren't going to play.. like RED SWEATER, CAT WITH 2 HEADS and LOBSTER BUCKET. It was great !! And .. at the end we even got to help some young 'uns stage dive into the crowd at the end of the show!! Thanks to the really great crowd, great sound, great crew at the State Theater, it was definitely the best show we've ever played at the State Theatre!! BOOYAH!
(check out some more of The Fixler's photos from that night by clicking here)
WE loaded up the van and headed off to ORLANDO to stay for a few nights. GOOD NIGHT!

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